diana mae flowers

meet your farmer florist


Hello, I'm Farmer Diana [Mae] !  

I started Diana Mae Flowers in 2014 on a shoestring budget, a rocky patch of soil, and a very big dream. Growing flowers allows me to blend my artistic background and passion for working with the earth. Ecological farming is not without its challenges, however it is work that I relish whether in the field or delivering a bouquet to a CSA member. All the flowers and photos featured on this site are my own, grown this past season.

In addition to farming, I am also a garden educator. School days entail digging up red wiggler worms, munching on fresh greens, and discussing at length the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. I like to think I'm building the next generation of gardeners, or at least Swiss chard lovers.  

'Mae Flowers' comes from my middle name and my namesake, my great-Nana Mae. Although I never met her, I know she was a woman with great chutzpah and tenacity- qualities I live to embody.